Taking the 100 happy days challenge.


A friend of mine posted on Facebook today that she is taking this challenge and I thought this might help me too. I’ve made a few resolutions and laid out some goals this year that I intend to keep and this challenge might help me keep on track, as well as be happier.

Been posting a lot about how you can improve your health, but don’t forget that your mind and your moods are also part of it. It’s easy to give in to anxiety, worry, sadness and your problems and it can take some of strength to be happy. Think of it as a workout for your mood. As the Latin quote goes Mens sana in corpore sano “, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

If you take up the challenge, do it for yourself! It is not a happiness competition or a showing off contest. Trying to please people or make them jealous is a waste of time because you’ll end up doing what you think is their idea of happiness and not what you know makes you happy. (Hope that’s not confusing, comment below if it is.)

By the end of it you’d have 100 reminders of how you were happy, which would be useful if you’re into NLP. (If you are going to keep it private, I recommend that you have a close friend who understands what you’re doing to monitor and keep you accountable)

You can follow my progress on Twitter, feel free to give me crap if I miss a day or call bullshit. I’m off to begin day 1!

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